Luca Piercey


Morning amigos!

Since you're effectively looking into my digital soul, I better give you an idea of what this page is all about.

will take you to Awevo Films, a company I founded with cinematographer James 'Chegs' Chegwyn. We have previously been commissioned to make work for COP26 and Polydor records. Our documentary 'Los Jugadores' went to 5 festivals and won 1 award. We have a documentary focus, but love to work on all kinds of projects.

We're both in a band called The Soft & Whippy Jam Band, which you can see more of by following Music.

Finally, there's a few of my 35mm photographs up there, with little stories to go with them.

I'm based in South-East London (and sometimes México if I can help it...) I'm always interested in hearing about projects I can help become a reality. If you'd like to talk to me about film-making, booking The Soft & Whippy Jam Band, or for anything else, drop me an email at